Silver Tower: Gaunt Summoner

The light wasn’t great when I took these pictures, so I’m going to ask my partner – who actually knows what she’s doing with a camera – to take some better ones later. Particularly because this is a milestone: I’ve now painted all 44 adversaries from the Silver Tower box. From now on, it’s all heroes all the time. And light blue, green, purple and pink can take a back seat: at least until Games Workshop release some of these miniatures as standalone boxes for Age of Sigmar.

I’m pleased with how my Gaunt Summoner came out, although he went through his own ‘what the hell am I doing’ phase about midway through painting the robe. I wanted him to look both demonic and ethereal, like he’d collapse into a pile of enchanted cloth if you hit him too hard (which I suppose is the ultimate aim of the game.) The Gaunt Summoner definitely isn’t (or wasn’t) human – more like a Tzeentchian genie on a fleeting feather-collecting book-burning planar jaunt.

On the topic of books: I’m much happier with my freehand this time around, although it meant painting the book hand and dagger/flame hand separately and gluing them on right at the end, which was an adventure in very nearly screwing everything up at the last minute.