Silver Tower: Knight-Questor

My first hero model and my first conversion. For reference, here’s what the stock Knight-Questor model looks like (if you’re an ‘Eavy Metal painter.) I came up with the idea of kitbashing a female Knight-Questor quite early in this project, and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to try it. Out of 50 models in the Silver Tower box, only one – the Mistweaver Saih – is explicitly female. This seemed dumb to me, but converting any of the other models in the set to fix this problem was way beyond my abilities.

In the end, this was pretty straightforward. I picked up a set of heroic scale female heads from Statuesque Miniatures and built a collar out of green stuff that also served to fix the head to the body – here’s a work-in-progress shot. The adjustable ponytail let me mirror the sweeping movement of the cape with her hair, which I think helps tie the model together.

On the subject of female Stormcast: it’s been confirmed that they exist, but the Age of Sigmar stories that I’ve read so far seem strangely reluctant to include them. Games Workshop have actually got a little better at introducing female characters in lead roles – there are a decent number of tough female warriors shown fighting Chaos. But when they die they don’t get the hit-by-a-lighting-bolt, reforged-as-an-avatar-of-vengeance treatment that the men get. The great thing about this hobby is that if this sort of thing frustrates you, you can fix it yourself.

I didn’t feel the need to amend her armour at all: if you look at a regular Stormcast miniature, their heads are tiny relative to their bodies. This suggests that Stormcast armour is so large that it’d obscure any sense of the body type of the wearer, and the massive shoulderpads and wide stances mask what would otherwise be the most obvious masculine-feminine differences (boob armour isn’t a thing, before you ask.) Furthermore, it fits thematically: Stormcast are supposed to look uniform, imposing and inhuman until the moment they remove their helmets.

She’s wearing the colours of the Celestial Vindicators because I love that colour scheme and I like the sense of anger and tragedy implied by their origins: they’re warriors who, at the point of death, called out for the power to seek revenge against the forces of Chaos. That detail doesn’t needed to be expounded on much to add character to this model. If I collect an Order army for Age of Sigmar someday, I’d like the Vindicators to be at the centre of it.

Finally: wondering where her helmet went? There’s a clue elsewhere in the set.