Silver Tower: Fyreslayer Doomseeker

A¬†sweaty, swarthy, angry, gold-obsessed slayer. I’m mostly happy with how he turned out. I dipped into The Lore to find an alternate Fyreslayer colour scheme and went for the gold and crimson of the Sigyorn Lodge. I’m happy that I managed to create a bit of variety within the theme of ‘loads of gold’ through the use of different mixtures of washes – there’s a bit of Carroburg Crimson in there, a bunch of Reikland Fleshshade. I also liked bringing out the flame effect in his torch-axe-thing.

I worry that the overall look may be a little too muted thanks to low contrast between gold, red, orange and pink. This was, initially, deliberate: loads of the colour schemes I’ve chosen are high-contrast, and I wanted to try something subtler. However I might have picked the wrong model: dwarves (sorry, duardin) are basically beards with arms and likely rely on high-contrast colour schemes to pop.

It also turns out that I don’t enjoy painting beards, which puts my idle daydreams of collecting a Fyreslayer army to bed for good.