Age of Sigmar: Herald of Tzeentch on Disc

I’ve spent the last two weeks batch painting the beginnings of a demons of Tzeentch army for Age of Sigmar, using some of my Silver Tower models as a starting point but branching off in new directions too. This Herald of Tzeentch is the first model I’ve actually finished in that time, as well as being the first finecast miniature I’ve assembled and painted.

I can understand why finecast resin has the reputation that it does – it’s a real pain to work with, from having to carve parts of the miniature out of the sprue to cutting and filing away thick mould lines. I never quite managed to straighten out the bend in the Herald’s staff, so it’s a good thing I quite like it. Mutated demonic flesh covers a multitude of sins when it comes to resin – had I been working with a human model, or something with straight lines, I’d have had a much worse time.

Besides that, I’m happy with how this guy turned out. I’ve done a few things to tie him into the rest of the set, from the green flames to the gradient on his bracers to his feathers, which match the Gaunt Summoner and the Silver Tower Pink Horrors. He’ll be leading a unit of Screamers in my first Age of Sigmar game, which is coming up this weekend.

Heralds of Tzeentch can also be used as optional exotic encounters in Silver Tower, but this requires them to be based normally – not riding a disc. I decided to go out of my comfort zone with a drill and some magnets, and I’m quite pleased with the result: