Age of Sigmar: Screamers of Tzeentch

I did most of the work on these a little while ago, ahead of my first Age of Sigmar game against Tom. They needed a little bit more love, however: first to fully highlight their tusks and spines, and then to base them properly. I considered leaving them on transparent flight stands, X-Wing style, but find that black stems and properly-based stands ties them into my army much better. I’ve also done the same for the Herald’s disc.

These are fun, quick models to paint. I’d like to do a little more work on them, likely when I’ve finished painting up what will eventually be a unit of six: I’d like to add an accent colour to the pink and purple screamers, but I’ll decide on what form that’ll take when the unit as a whole is finished.

It’s been a quiet week, hobby-wise, for a number of reasons. The next step is finishing off my first batch of Pink Horrors, which are a few hours from done. Then I’ve got another box of Pink Horrors to assemble and paint ahead of my first AoS tournament later in the month.