Age of Sigmar: Pink Horrors

Another set of models that were half-complete when Tom and I played our first AoS game, I finally had time to finish these off this week. Pretty happy with them: this is the biggest batch of models I’ve done and while I cut a few corners I picked a few details to do to the same standard that I’d hope for in a one-off. The bracers, gemstones, green fire and feathers help tie them into the Silver Tower models.

I was impressed by the models themselves, particularly considering that they’re an older set. The poses are really precarious and dynamic and they must have been a nightmare to assemble into ranks. Quite a few had balance problems, particularly the standard-bearer – that thing’s enormous. I ended up buying some 20mm metal washers and supergluing these to the underside of the bases, which worked well.

Next up: another box of these guys. I’m going to create some variety by mixing up a few of the accent colours: tongue, eyes, feathers, and the deep shading on their faces and hands. They’ll still be pink, though. Obviously.