Age of Sigmar: Chaos Sorcerer Lord

I keep finding things to do that aren’t Thousand Sons, which is weird because I’m quite enjoying the process of (extremely slowly) painting my Thousand Sons. I’ve liked the Chaos Sorcerer Lord for a while and ended up picking up the model at the same time as the Disciples of Tzeentch book. The new rules allow me to include him in a dedicated Tzeentch force while taking advantage of all of the allegiance abilities, and his buff spell will be extremely useful as I start to add melee units like Tzaangor to my army.

Given that I’m never going to use him without the ‘Tzeentch’ keyword, I wanted to do something with the model to tie him into the rest of my force. I ended up building him a new shoulder-joint with green stuff so that I could re-pose his right arm. The fireball is taken from one of the optional Herald on Burning Chariot pieces, with the Herald’s hand clipped and filed away and smoothed with more green stuff. The bundle of scrolls is also from the Burning Chariot kit – it’s really useful for that sort of thing. I like how it has turned out: I think of him as drawing power down from his patron – a gigantic Lord of Change that I’m going to start work on in the coming months.

I’ve also changed the way I paint bases. When I started with the Silver Tower models I consciously opted for very understated textured bases, but as time has gone on I’ve wanted to brighten them up and add a little flare. I’m using more blue and I’m now painting the trim with Incubi Darkness (a very dark blue-green – darker than it appears here). Eventually I’ll go back over the bases I’ve already done to make them consistent, but the effect is subtle enough that this guy doesn’t look out of place as he is.

He is standing on a rock because he is important.