Horus Heresy: Thousand Sons Veteran Tactical Squad

“I know”, I thought, one million years ago. “I’ll paint my Thousand Sons with transparent red paint over a gold basecoat. It’ll look good, and I’ll save time! We’ll be playing Burning of Prospero by Christmas.”

It’s now almost April, and, well, I was half right. I’m really pleased with how these guys have turned out: going for a metallic finish suits the 30K era and puts some breathing room between my Thousand Sons and the other predominantly red Space Marine chapters. I’ve learned loads, too, from applying decals to creating variety within multi-pose kits to painting rust, scorch marks and other effects that don’t really feature in Age of Sigmar. The whole process simply took much, much longer than I’d thought.

There are non-hobby related reasons for that, like an extremely busy start to the year, the stress of leaving my old job, and the rush to make the most of freelance life – something that should, from now on, give me more time for painting. But there was also an element of burnout, the strain of having an unfinished project hogging my painting table. I’ve done a Balewind Vortex, some objective markers, a Slaughterpriest and a Chaos Sorcerer Lord in the time since I first assembled these models.

Despite the stack of Tzeentch Arcanites waiting for my attention, I’m going to stick some more Thousand Sons on the table next – the funny thing about finishing a grueling project is that suddenly all the enthusiasm comes rushing back. I’ll paint my Terminators next, so that Tom and I can play a couple of the Burning of Prospero scenarios. Before Christmas, ideally.