Horus Heresy: Thousand Sons Tartaros-Pattern Terminators

After taking months over my first Veteran Tactical Squad, getting these done in two weeks (including a couple of trips away) was a nice change of pace. Something that this process confirmed to me is that working in sub-assemblies makes batch painting a lot more palatable to me. I’ll likely go into more detail on that subject in this month’s podcast.

In this case, I painted and assembled each model in the following steps: legs and torsos, arms, weapons, helmets, helmet cowling, shoulderpads, and finally bases – using different coloured primers a base in each instance. The way Tartaros Terminator armour is put together makes this a necessity – I can’t imagine how irritating it’d be to paint underneath that helmet cowling or under the raised shoulderpads – but this is also a good way of working more broadly. I felt more confident building my models in dynamic poses when I knew that they didn’t also need to be ‘paintable’ in that position. This is particularly true for the sergeant, whose angled pose would have made the right half of his helmet a nightmare to finish to any kind of standard had I pre-built the entire model.

With these done, I’ve got enough painted to do our first Burning of Prospero session. I’m not sure what my next project will be: if I stick with my Horus Heresy collection and paint Ahriman, that will open up a second Prospero scenario. But I’ve also neglected my pile of Arcanites for a long time, and our Age of Sigmar games would benefit from reinforcements. I also just got back from Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, where I encountered Bandai’s gorgeous scale replica kits. I, er, made space in my suitcase accordingly.