Shadow War: Harlequins

These are the 80s cyberpunk Harlequins that I mentioned wanting to do a few episodes of Miniatures Monthly ago. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, and not a lot of time to sit and paint for more than half an hour at a time – in those circumstances this was kind of a perfect project, as figuring out what I wanted to do with each individual model took longer than the actual painting.

I wanted to paint Harlequins without a unifying colour scheme, but with enough elements in common to tie them together: the split masks, the silver elements and wraithbone weapons. Two of the Harlequins are armed with monomolecular blades, which I wanted to represent by painting the blades black, highlighting with contrasting streaks of bright colour (red/blue in one case, green/purple in the other) and then applying a watered-down layer of ‘Ard Coat to give it a glassy texture. The leader is armed with a power sword, which was my first stab at doing freehand lightning stuff. I also did a bunch of freehand checks, diamonds, and so on – Harlequin stuff.

The bases are from the new Sector Mechanicus scenery bases set. I carefully cut each Harlequin off the Eldar ruins that they’re normally attached to and superglued them to lamps and the top half of a ventilation pipe that I shortened with a saw. In the case of the specialists I could also use their trailing ribbons as a point of contact for fixing them to the bases, but for the leader I had to pin her with a bit of brass rod.

I am very aware of the amount of work it will entail if I now win a game of Shadow War and earn enough promethium to add a fourth Harlequin, so I have decided to lose instead.