X-Wing: special forces Decimator and Phantom

Custom Decimator and Phantom

I’ve got a history with the Decimator. This was my ship in the now-defunct online RPG Star Wars: Galaxies, and its presence in X-Wing was one of the reasons I got into the game. It’s been at the heart of all of my most successful squadrons.

These new paintjobs were done for the Yavin Open in Birmingham back in June, and marked my return to painting after a 13-year (!) absence. Although they look like touch-ups, they’re both complete repaints: it says a lot about the kind of Star Wars nerd I am that I repainted an entire large ship because it wasn’t quite the right shade of Imperial grey (the stock Decimator is a little darker.)

The lighter panels on the Decimator’s ‘wings’ are inspired by this troop transport glimpsed briefly in the first Rogue One teaser. Like my Decimator, itĀ seems fond of exploding.

The Phantom was a straightforward repaint to bring it in line with the new Decimator and the other light grey ships in the Imperial fleet. The red wingtips (and red-accented insignia on the Decimator) are intended to suggest some kind of elite status, a little like the bloodstripes on the 181st Squadron Interceptor or the red stripe on the First Order TIE/SF.